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M'Klexa.  Warp-capable race that visited Valakis sometime before 2151.  ("Dear Doctor" [ENT]).

Macbeth.  Play by William Shakespeare that Drennik was impressed with.
  ("Cogenitor" [ENT]).

Maggie.  (Ann Cusack).  Mother to Jack, Maggie worked at the Pine Tree in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania.  Maggie's husband left without supporting her and Jack.  She later briefly dated Mestral
  ("Carbon Creek " [ENT]).

magnesite.  Metallic composite containing magnesium carbonate, MgCO3.  Archer's Comet contained magnesite.  ("Breaking the Ice" [ENT]).

Maklii.  (Steven Flynn).  Engineer at a deuterium processing colony.
  ("Marauders" [ENT]).

Malurian system.  Star system that was home to the Malurians.  ("Civilization" [ENT]).

Malurian vessel.  Starship under control of the Malurians that was capble of firing ten charges simultaneously.  The ship also had a tractor beam.  A shuttle from the ship transported the mined veridium isotopes from the Akaali planet to the Malurian vessel.  The ship's shields were disabled by the S.S. Enterprise by destroying an antimatter reactor beamed into space.  ("Civilization" [ENT]).

Malurians.  Humanoid race with scaled skin from the Malurian systerm.  A group of Malurians were disguised as Akaali to secretly mine veridium isotopes on their planet.  ("Civilization" [ENT]).

Malurzian zoo.  Place where Muk thought he could get a good price for Captain Archer's dog, Porthos.  ("Acquisition" [ENT]).

Malvin, Ms.  Fourth grade teacher at Worley Elementary School.  Ms. Malvin's class sent letters and drawings to the S.S. Enterprise.  ("Breaking the Ice" [ENT]).

Manzanar.  Name of the camp in California on Earth where Japanese-Americans were relocated during World War II.  The Tandarans imprisonment of the Suliban was compared to Manzanar by Captain Archer.  ("Detained" [ENT]).

"Marauders." Enterprise episode # 32.  Teleplay by David Wilcox.  Story by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga.  Directed by Mike Vejar.  No date given.  Enterprise contacts a deuterium processing colony for much needed fuel, but finds out that they're being coerced into giving Klingons all of their stockpile.  Archer decides to help the colonists defend what is theirs.  GUEST CAST:  Robertson Dean as Korok; Steven Flynn as Maklii; Bari Hochwald as E'lis; Wayne King, Jr. as Klingon #1; Peewee Piemonte as Klingon #2; Larry Cedar as Tessic, Jesse James Rutherford as Q'Ell.  SEE:  bat'leth; deuterium; E'lis; Kellenite ship; Korok; Maklii; mek'leth; Navorkot; Q'Ell; shib'a lizard; Suus Mahna; Tessic.

Mars.  Fourth planet in the Sol system.  Humans established a colony, Utopia Planitia, on Mars.  ("Terra Nova" [ENT]).

marshmallow.  A light, spongy confection made of mostly sugar.  Rocky road flavored ice cream had marshmallows in it.  ("Oasis" [ENT]).

Matalas Prime.  Planet where Phlox was overwhelmed by 50 patients in a refugee center.  ("Dear Doctor" [ENT]).  The S.S. Enterprise visited the ringed moons of Matalas Prime.  ("Dawn" [ENT]).  Prior to "Dawn", it was simply known as Matalas.

Maymora-class starship.  Type of Vulcan starship including the Yarahla.  ("Breaking the Ice" [ENT]).

Mayweather, Mr.  Father to Travis Mayweather.  Mr. Mayweather commanded the E.C.S. Horizon.  He died after becoming ill.
  ("Horizon" [ENT]).

Mayweather, Paul.  (Corey Mendell Parker).  Brother of Travis Mayweather who became captain of the E.C.S. Horizon when his father died.
  ("Horizon" [ENT]).

Mayweather, Rianna.  (Joan Pringle).  Mother of Travis Mayweather.  Rianna was both the engineer and the doctor aboard the E.C.S. Horizon.
  ("Horizon" [ENT]).

Mayweather, Travis.  (Anthony Montgomery). Helmsman aboard the S.S. Enterprise.  Ensign Mayweather was a space boomer raised in space aboard a cargo vessel.  He was born halfway on the Draylax-Vega run on the E.C.S. Horizon. ("Fortunate Son" [ENT]).  He had been to Trillius Prime, Draylax, and both of the Tenebian moons.  ("Broken Bow" [ENT]).  He left the Horizon in order to join Starfleet.  His parents didn't like his decision, but they supported him.  His sister and husband still remained on the Horizon after he left.  ("Fortunate Son" [ENT]).  While climbing the cliffs at Galartha on Risa, Mayweather broke his leg and was sent to the central hospital.  He was treated with benzethonium chloride, which he had an allergic reaction to.  ("Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]).  A clone was made of Travis when Enterprise visited an unknown repair station.  The station was abandoned, but had an intelligent computer that deceived Mayweather and lured him to an area of the ship where he was abducted.  He was replaced with his clone that was administered an isolytic shock to fool the crew into thinking he was dead.  In reality, he was hooked up to the station's computer core and his brain was integrated into its system.  Archer and T'Pol rescued him and brought him back to Enterprise where he made a quick recovery.  ("Dead Stop" [ENT]).  Travis visited his family's ship and found out that his father had died.  He helped them fend off an alien pirate attack during his visit.  ("Horizon" [ENT]).  Travis broke his leg once again and tore a few ligaments while climbing in a cave on Xantoras.  ("The Breach" [ENT]).

matter stream.  In the operation of the transporter, the matter stream is the beam of phased (or dematerialized) matter that is transported from the transport chamber to the destination (or the reverse).  ("Strange New World" [ENT]).

Maureen.  Waitress who worked at a seafood restaurant in San Fransisco that Malcolm Reed was fond of.  ("Silent Enemy" [ENT]).

Maya.  (Claudette Sutherland).  Mother of Liana, and wife to Ezral.  Maya was killed in the crash landing of the Kantare ship.  Ezral recreated her in holographic form.  ("Oasis" [ENT]).

Mazar.  Planet, home to the Mazarites.  Ambassador V'Lar of Vulcan was sent to Mazar to help expose the corruption in their government.  The Enterprise came to Mazar to pick her up after her life suddenly became in danger.  ("Fallen Hero" [ENT]).

Mazarite Captain.  (John Rubinstein).  Captain of a Mazarite vessel that pursued Enterprise after it left Mazar with Ambassador V'Lar.  He was member of the organization that had corrupted the Mazarite government, and had wished to eliminate V'Lar because she had incriminating information.  He was later caught by the Vulcans and Enterprise, but was allowed to go back home to Mazar.  ("Fallen Hero" [ENT]).  Rubinstein previously played John Evansville in "The 37's" (VOY).

Mazarite High Council.  Part of the governing body of Mazar that had requested Vulcan assistance in eliminating corruption in their government.  ("Fallen Hero" [ENT]).

Mazarite vessel.  Starship that had pursued Enterprise and was capable of warp five.  The vessel and two others of the same kind had later pursued the ship after their initial conflict.  ("Fallen Hero" [ENT]).

Mazarites.  Humanoid culture native to Mazar. Mazarites were distinguished by tied back dark hair with bleached streaks along the sides, and flaps of skin under the temples.  Many mazarites feared the corruption in their government and asked the Vulcans to help eliminate it.  ("Fallen Hero" [ENT]).


McCook, Molly.  Fourth grade student, in Ms. Malvin's class at Worley Elementary, who asked a question for the crew of the S.S. Enterprise about where waste goes.  ("Breaking the Ice" [ENT]).

McKinley, Mount.  Mountain with the highest peak in the U.S.A. located in Denali National Park, Alaska.  A.G. Robinson was killed in an accident while climbing Mount McKinley.
  ("First Flight" [ENT]).

mek'leth.  Two-pronged dagger used by Klingons in hand-to-hand combat.
  ("Marauders" [ENT]).

Melvaran mud fleas.  Insect that Zoumas said was delicious once you got past the texture.
  ("Canamar" [ENT]).

Menk.  Pre-industrial race that co-existed with the Valakians on Valakis.  They were not as technologically advanced as the Valakians, and the Valakians did not allow them to live on fertile soil.  But the Valakians did provide food and clothing for them, and believed they were hard workers.  The Menk physiology was not compatible with Valakian physiology.  Phlox thought it possible for the Menk to become the dominant race on the planet due to the Valakian genetic mutation.  ("Dear Doctor" [ENT]).  Muk thought of the Menk as being unintelligent, and thought it would be an insult to be one.  ("Acquisition" [ENT]).

Menos.  (Bruce Davison).  Vulcan who was sent to infiltrate the government on Agaron.  After the infiltration was successful, Menos refused to return to Vulcan, and decided to keep up the smuggling business he learned during his operation.  T'Pol was sent to track Menos down, and almost caught him once on Risa.  Although he got away and continued his business.  He was caught in 2152 by T'Pol with the help of Captain Archer.
  ("The Seventh" [ENT]).  Davison previously portrayed Jareth in "Remember" (VOY).

Mestral.  (J. Paul Boehmer).  Vulcan who survived the crash landing of a Vulcan vessel outside of Carbon Creek in 1957.  After he and two other Vulcans took residence in Carbon Creek, he began interacting and experimenting with human society.  When a Vulcan ship came to rescue them a few months later, Mestral decided to stay and study humanity.
  ("Carbon Creek" [ENT]).  Mestral was named after inventer of Velcro, George de Mestral, and possibly supposed to be the same person despite the patent being made in 1951 before Mestral landed on Earth.  Boehmer previously played Kapitan in "The Killing Game" (VOY), One in "Drone" (VOY), and Vornar in "Tacking Into the Wind" (DS9).

methyloxide.  Gas breatheable by Lorillians only before the age of four.  ("Broken Bow" [ENT]).

metreon particles.  Type of particle that was effective in exciting dark matter.  A shuttlepod from Enterprise was outfitted with torpedos with metreon particles in order to test if a dark matter nebula was present.
  ("First Flight" [ENT]).

Mettus.  Son of Phlox.  Mettus disagreed with Phlox's philosophy toward the Antarans, and the two had a falling-out.  Phlox sent a letter to him after he treated an Antaran named Hudak.
  ("The Breach" [ENT]).

micro-singularity.  Naturally occuring space phenomenon that were essentially microscopic black holes.  A Tesnian ship, as well as Shuttlepod One, were damaged by micro-singularities in the same region of space.  They dissipated on contact with polarized hull plating.  ("Shuttlepod One" [ENT]).

micro-transmitter.  Device found onboard the future pod.  At first believed to be a black box, it was later found out to be a beacon that was capable of transmitting a signal through time.
  ("Future Tense" [ENT]).

microcharges.  Type of explosive used for opening impenetrable doorways.  ("Fight or Flight" [ENT]).

Miles, Geoff.  Fourth grade student, in Ms. Malvin's class at Worley Elementary, who asked a question for the crew of the S.S. Enterprise about dating.  ("Breaking the Ice" [ENT]).

milk.  White liquid produced by cows.  Commander Tucker enjoyed cold milk.  ("Breaking the Ice" [ENT]).

Minaran spinach.  Orange plant leaves picked up on Risa.
  ("Singularity" [ENT]).

"Minefield." Enterprise episode # 29.  Written by John Shiban.  Directed by James A. Contner.  No date given.  Enterprise is hit by a mine while scouting a new planet, and one mine sticks to the hull.  Reed gets pinned down by the mine while trying to disable it, and Enterprise is forced to leave by Romulans, endangering Reed.  GUEST CAST:  Tim Glenn as Med Tech.  SEE:  aquaphobia; Clement, H.M.S.; cloaking device; eggs benedict; quantum beacons; Reed, Malcolm; Romulan mine; Romulan ship; Romulan Star Empire; Romulans; Triton-class spatial torpedo; World Cup.

minshara-class.  Class of planet that was suitable for humanoid life.  T'Pol had been to 36 minshara-class planets.  A landing party from the S.S. Enterprise explored an unknown minshara-class planet where a windstorm forced the team into the caves.  The planet was found to have tropolisene in the pollen of it's flowers which blew down from the mountains and threatened the landing party.  ("Strange New World" [ENT]).  The Akaali planet was minshara-class.  ("Civilization" [ENT]).

mint tea.  Drink made from mint leaves.  T'Pol occasionally drank mint tea.  ("Fusion" [ENT]).

mirazine.  Drug that Phlox gave Tucker 40 milligrams of to reduce the decompression process from six to three hours.  ("Unexpected" [ENT]).

Mitchell, Captain.  Captain of the S.S. Conestoga on its voyage to Terra Nova.  Mitchell had sent a few transmissions to Earth after an asteroid struck the planet, but the message never made it due to the radioactive clouds in the air.  ("Terra Nova" [ENT]).

MK-33.  Type of gun that uses projectile bullets and is very similar in design to an MK-34.  The Novans used these weapons.  ("Terra Nova" [ENT]).

Moe.  One of the Three StoogesMrs. Garrett's son called Stron Moe because of his resemblance to the character.
  ("Carbon Creek" [ENT]).

Moninger, Dr.  (Christopher Wynne).  Member of the A-6 excavation team who was the first to be assimilated by the Borg who were accidentally resuscitated.
  ("Regeneration" [ENT]).

moon.  The only natural satelite of EarthNew Berlin was colonized on the moon by humans.  ("Terra Nova" [ENT]).

mosquito.  Blood-sucking two-winged insect.  There were many mosquitos in Florida.
  ("Precious Cargo" [ENT]).

Muk.  (Clint Howard).  One of four Ferengi who raided the Enterprise.  Muk was not convinced there was any gold on the ship, and became suspicious of his crewmates after deciding to keep all his profits to himself.  ("Acquisition" [ENT]).  Howard previously played Balok in "The Corbomite Maneuver" (TOS) and Grady in "Past Tense Part II" (DS9).

Muroc, Subcommander.  (John Balma).  Vulcan officer who was an aide to Soval when in orbit of Paan Mokar in 2152.  ("Cease Fire" [ENT]).

mutagenic pathogen.  Disease causing agent that was present on Paan MokarVulcans and Andorians were immune to the pathogen, but humans were not.  A bombardment of analeptic radiation would prevent the contraction of the disease.
  ("Cease Fire" [ENT]).


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